Who can bring a wrongful death claim in Wyoming?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | catastrophic injuries

Someone dying unexpectedly much earlier in life than they would of natural causes can cause extensive hardship for the entire family that they leave behind. Unexpected fatalities often mean a sudden surge in household expenses as you have to cover funeral costs and the cost of medical care before your loved one died.

There are also the lost wages that your loved one could have earned if they survived. Your entire family will likely struggle to adjust to lower household income levels. Wyoming state law does grant the right for those affected by a recent tragedy to pursue and wrongful death claim against a business or individual who caused the death.

Who has the right to pursue wrongful death claims in Wyoming?

State law authorizes a special representative to go to court

In most states, wrongful death statutes employ one of two approaches to granting the authority to file a wrongful death claim. Either the closest family members retain that right, or the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate will have the option of filing a civil lawsuit.

The rules in Wyoming are a bit different and require an extra step. Someone aware of the circumstances and affected by them, such as the spouse or surviving children of the deceased, can file paperwork to become the wrongful death representative. The courts have to approve someone to file a lawsuit for them to have the option of doing so.

Typically, those with a provable relationship with the deceased or responsibility for administering their estate will have the easiest time convincing the courts that they are the correct representative for the wrongful death claim.

Pursuing a claim requires diligence and knowledge

If you hope to hold the business or specific person accountable in civil court for causing the death of someone you love, you need to understand Wyoming state law. You also have to have a strong grasp of the practical implications of your recent loss.

A wrongful death claim is most effective when the surviving family members maximize the compensation that they request. Doing so typically requires professional help both for the purpose of evaluating evidence and negotiating with insurance providers, businesses or the attorney representing an individual subject to such a claim.

Learning the basics of Wyoming wrongful death claims can help you ask the civil courts to grant you both justice and compensation following a recent tragic loss.