How can injury victims pay for a personal injury attorney’s services?

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No one plans to get hurt in a car crash or similar incident. People don’t expect to get hurt by dangerous property conditions or defective products either. As such, when an injury occurs due to the misconduct or negligence of another party, people are often left with few options for protecting themselves. Insurance coverage may be available, but filing a sizable claim is a challenging process. Policy limits might also leave someone without adequate support given the extent of their losses.

Many people need help negotiating insurance claims, and assistance is also often necessary for those who need to file personal injury lawsuits. Some people give up because they believe they cannot afford a lawyer to represent them after they get hurt. How can people cover the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney when they also have medical expenses and may be coping with a loss of income?

Lawyers may work on a contingency basis

Many personal injury lawyers accept new clients on a contingency fee basis. In other words, they agreed to represent a client without demanding a retainer upfront before assisting with their claim. This solution is useful for those who do not have the capital set aside to cover the costs of a retainer, which is likely several thousand dollars. The lawyer only accepts payment after the completion of the case if they recover funds for their clients.

How much does a contingency fee cost?

Hiring a lawyer based on the future recovery possible typically means signing a contract. The agreement between the attorney and their client earmarks a portion of the funds recovered for the payment of the lawyer. Such arrangements help ensure that those who need assistance the most can obtain it even if they cannot currently afford it. Lawyers also have a strong incentive in such scenarios to push for the maximum recovery possible, as it may ultimately increase what they receive for the services they provide.

Overall, contingency fees may vary from anywhere between 30% to 50% of the total amount recovered. How many days the lawyer worked, if the case faced an appeal and even the amount recovered can influence the maximum amount an attorney in Wyoming can charge their clients.  A contingency fee arrangement can be an excellent option for those who have strong cases but not much capital on hand to pay for legal assistance.

Discussing an injury with a skilled legal team can help people evaluate their options. Those who don’t have any capital on hand to cover a retainer might still be able to get help with a personal injury lawsuit or a complex insurance claim.